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Are you looking to offer clean, modern amenities to your clients, guests, and employees?

If you want to offer your business guests and/or employees modern amenities made with healthy, organic, non-toxic ingredients that will look chic in your office or place of business, FORK & MELON is ready to serve your needs.

Every business needs hand soap, and many want to offer their guests and employees hand cream in the loo as well, as a nice gesture. 

  • Are you a health conscious hotel, spa, gym, yoga/barre/fitness studio, or other business that offers toiletries and amenities in the shower?
  • Are you a modern restaurant, or chic co-working space, that wants to make a good impression when your customers visit the restroom?
  • Do you have clients who visit your office whom you want to impress?
  • Are you a vegan business and/or a business who cares about sustainability and is looking to go green?
  • Are you a luxury real estate agent who frequently gives clients a housewarming gift when they purchase a new home from you?
  • Are you another type of business not listed here that is looking to up your hand soap game?

Often the bathroom is one of the first places to make an impression on a client, guest, or potential employee. Having FORK & MELON available for your guests helps set you apart and makes a chic, health-conscious first impression for your business.

Our current formulas include hand soap, body wash, hand cream, and body lotion. If you have a need for additional personal care items, we can work with you to develop complementary items including shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and many more. We can also partner with you on packaging variations and/or co-branded packaging if desired.

We offer a generous, tiered discount structure to businesses. Discount is dependent on quantity ordered and duration of agreement. 

Contact us below to get started! 

You can also email us directly at b2b@forkandmelon.com and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Thank you for your interest in our line🖤