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Introducing Swaypay...Pay With Social Posts

F&M Rich Hydrating Cream with hydrangeas and Vogue magazine feat. Billie Eilish
Fork & Melon hand/body wash and cream
Fork & Melon Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers

We are now offering Swaypay, a payment alternative that lets you pay for up to 25% of your purchase in exchange for posting photos of your item(s) on Instagram. We’re excited to offer you this payment option of the future - it's a win-win!

Check for the  widget on our product pages, and enter your Instagram handle to reveal your savings. When you’re ready to check out, head to your cart and choose the blue checkout button with . Swaypay doesn’t sell your data or store your credit card information, offering a secure checkout.

You have 30 days to post your FORK & MELON purchases on Instagram. If we love your photo we may feature you on our Instagram page 🖤

Benefits of using Swaypay when you shop with us:
- Save $ on your clean luxury essentials.
- Support small business by helping to spread the word organically.
- Build your social influence and Instagram content - everyone loves a new product recommendation from someone they trust!

Posting guidelines / how it works:
To keep your Swaypay savings, make sure to follow these guidelines:
- Post the products purchased from the Instagram account you check out with.
- Post within 30 days of purchasing, or the deadline provided in your Swaypay confirmation email.
- Include the required tags and hashtags provided in your Swaypay confirmation email.
- Must be a static post, not an Instagram story (*Instagram stories option coming soon).
- Keep your post live and active for at least 30 days.
- Create a post that follows the Swaypay posting guidelines.