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Introducing...SOAP AS FASHION, a newsletter

by Cheryl Fork

An Intellectual Style Newsletter, with tips for living your best (real) life.

Dear Reader,

Hello! It has been a little while…I look forward to connecting again.

I'd love to introduce you to my NEW newsletter, Soap As Fashion*, a place (and hopefully a respite) where I will share some of the things I am interested in. You can expect helpful info on things like:

• a smart Vitamix dupe
• which comfortable shoes Chloë Sevigny** is currently wearing
the best way to reapply sunscreen when out and about
• easy tips to avoid spiking your blood sugar
• a not-obvious way to keep more open communication with your kids (or anyone)
• two reliable ingredients to happiness you may not have thought of
• and many more.

If this interests you and you're not already on the list, click here to sign up. 

That's all you really need to know for now. If you're inclined to know more, keep reading…

FORK & MELON, has been an extension of me from the start. It came from an echt*** place, the result of several simultaneous circumstances (read more here and here for a refresher). Since launching in late 2018, I spent the first few years building a strong foundation - and then just when I had been at it long enough to have built an initial audience (which may include you if you're reading this!), my miraculous daughter was born.

I've known in my soul that I want to soak up this fleeting time with her while she's little. So while thankfully we've been able to continue the business side of things, my communication with you all has been almost non-existent during this time of “soaking”. There is so much more to get into here, i.e. taking career pauses for motherhood, but I'll save that for another time.

Amazingly (despite our 'sales and marketing' being basically non-existent), we continue to get regular orders, and for that I say…THANK YOU SO MUCH🖤🖤🖤

As the all-consuming thing that is motherhood is slowly allowing for more space in my head, I've decided to start a simple newsletter where I will share some of the cool things I've recently learned about or possibly always loved. Wide-ranging topics will include fashion, beauty, health, well-being, mothering/parent stuff, relationships, culture, human psychology, things that make life better, random interesting things, and more. Some letters may be very short and some may be longer. It's meant to be any of the following: helpful, inspirational, aspirational, thought-provoking, and/or a fun escape that's not the blackhole of social media****. The newsletter will be called Soap As Fashion…

I'm a natural introvert and have never loved being the center of attention or “introducing myself” in the way of trying to explain who I am in a nutshell (how did I get into this nutshell?!) - which is kind of counterproductive in our current world, especially as a brand founder. What I do love is getting to know someone and have them get to know me in a natural, authentic way over time – building lasting relationships built on mutual trust. I hope that by sharing my thoughts here you can get a better sense of me and what FORK & MELON represents over time. At the very least you may learn some little random thing that you didn't otherwise know about, which I think is always cool. And if you find you don't connect with it and you'd rather just get an occasional update regarding product launches^ and promotions, you can always click on “Manage Preferences” (at the bottom of each email) to update your preferences, and I will try not to take it personally :)


Introducing...SOAP AS FASHION, a newsletter

*I wrote “soap as fashion” down on the back of one of my old paper business cards before my daughter was born and it has been sitting on my desk ever since, just waiting to enter the world.

**Everything from the 90s is back.

***Echt = genuine/authentic. A great new word I picked up when reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow a few months ago – an engrossing read, and a treasure trove of vocabulary!

****It's kind of an exciting time in the way of content now where you can delve into your interests by way of unique newsletters and podcasts. I still look at instagram, FB for the occasional family update, twitter (ugh, X), and now threads every now and then, but spend soooo much less time there (and it wasn't a ton of time before). The one time I opened TikTok it hurt my brain so much I never opened it again.

^There may be something exciting coming up.

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