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bright, modern bathroom sink with FORK & MELON hand wash and lotion next to it


FORK & MELON is a clean line of elevated skin and body care products. Based in Southern California with a history of NYC and European influence, our brand stands for integrity, beauty, health, design, and ease. Every detail of our product line has been meticulously thought-through, with the purpose of bringing clean luxury to your everyday routine without making it complicated.

We recently launched with our two (2) hero multi-use products: Fine Cleansing Wash and Rich Hydrating Cream for Body & Hands. Each is available in multiple bottle sizes, including convenient refill and travel sizes. We aim to create elegant simplicity by offering multi-purpose and refillable options in our line wherever possible. Our desire is to only introduce products that are truly special "must-haves", and products where we haven't been able to find the same balance of quality/design/value elsewhere.

FORK & MELON branded products are manufactured in the USA in a Certified Organic facility, using only safe, high-quality, carefully-considered ingredients. One of our signature ingredients is watermelon seed oil, which has amazing properties for skin, health, and beauty.

Our products NEVER contain any of the following questionable ingredients: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalates, Triclosan, Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde-releasing agents, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Drying Alcohol, PEGs, or Artificial Dyes. They are vegan and cruelty-free (never tested on animals). Our packaging is recyclable and never contains BPA plastic, and our products are produced in a 100% wind energy facility.

Our clean and timeless aesthetic extends to all of our products and every element of our brand.


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FORK & MELON was born when I found a gap in the market with basic personal care products. After struggling with infertility/miscarriages and learning about the questionable ingredients in many of our conventional everyday beauty and body care products (and their potential effects on our health), I wanted to do everything I could to clean up my own beauty routine. In doing so I found that while there were several amazing clean/toxin-free beauty and skin care lines emerging that I admired and used, I wasn’t able to find some of the more basic body and personal care products that I loved. 

Initially, I wanted to find a hand soap that was great for my skin and enjoyable to use, free of toxic chemicals and priced for re-ordering, while at the same time one that would look super chic in my bathroom... is that too much to ask? And while I'm at it, how about making the wash with such luxurious and good-for-skin ingredients that I would be crazy not to use it as a body wash in the shower or bath as well, helping to simplify the number of products I needed to buy?!

During the long research process of formulating the first product, I discovered the powerful and wide-ranging benefits of watermelon seed oil. Being a skincare/beauty enthusiast since as long as I can remember, I was surprised I hadn't heard much about this health and skincare dynamo before. And it's amazing for all skin types! I set out to make it a signature ingredient of our line.


Not always, but it seems like usually simpler is better. Cleaner is almost always better. And chicer is always better.


Striving for those 3 tenets is at the core of our brand.

I hope you love our products as much as I do.


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