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We've been accepted to the FFC!

FORK & MELON Founder, Cheryl Fork, pictured with Female Founder Collective seal


I’m honored to announce FORK & MELON has been accepted to the Female Founder Collective! Founded by successful fashion designer and NYC business owner Rebecca Minkoff, the FFC symbol denotes a female-founded company, and by displaying it we show our support and make it easy for consumers to support women-owned businesses.🖤⠀

I recently launched FORK & MELON after more than 15 years working for leading global consumer brands. Other than when I first started out in NYC in the fashion industry, my career has since been a series of being the only, or one of the only, female leaders in the room. In the past 2 years, challenges with fertility and miscarriages led me to want to clean up all of the products I was using. I've been a beauty/skincare fanatic since as long as I can remember, and though there are many amazing non-toxic skincare and beauty brands available now (I buy a ton of them myself!), I haven't been able to find some of the more basic personal care products that are 1) toxin-free 2) effective and luxurious/enjoyable to use 3) look beautiful in my home and 4) aren’t so expensive that I relegate them only to the guest bathroom.. All of this, and over a year of extensive research, collaboration, sweat, and tears (happy & sad) have led to our recent company launch. We went live with friends & family and are now working on widening the audience so more people can experience our incredible hand/body wash and lotion. Literally every detail about them has been scrutinized and carefully-considered, so that they will delight even the most discerning customers. Our goal is to bring luxury to your daily routine without making it complicated, and so far we've received nothing but the most amazing feedback! If you haven't tried the products yet, I invite you to try them - they will be your new favorites. We're just getting started. xoxo, Cher⠀

–Cheryl Fork; Founder

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